Top Disney Villain Songs


On this episode of the show, we’ll be discussing our Top 3 picks for the best Disney villain songs. We shared our thoughts on why these songs made our list and why they are our favorites. Let us know what your TOP PICKS are! Whether you’re a fan of the classics or newer releases, join us as we explore the catchy, evil tunes of some of Disney’s most iconic villains.

PLUS WE ALSO MADE A HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! We are officially changing the name of our show too…Chris & Amanda’s Song Swap Showdown!

PLEASE NOTE We will be updating our all of audio feeds and social accounts as well as our website. So please be on the lookout as a lot of these changes will be taking effect starting this week and throughout the month.

We will also be developing a new logo and showcard as well so for now we’ll be using a placeholder until the new logo is ready to go!


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