Bring Me The Horizon vs. Merle Haggard : 5 Minute Song Swap

Get ready for a special bonus episode of Song Swap Showdown that will have you on the edge of your seat! In this episode, Chris and Amanda will only swap one song each, and to add an extra challenge, they have just 5 minutes to do it. The stakes are high as they dive into the contrasting worlds of rock and country. Chris presents Amanda with Bring Me The Horizon’s “Lost,” a powerful and intense track.

Will Amanda embrace the electrifying energy and raw emotion of this rock anthem? On the other hand, Amanda challenges Chris with Merle Haggard’s timeless classic, “If I Could Only Fly.” This heartfelt country ballad resonates with deep emotions and reflects Merle Haggard’s legendary storytelling. How will Chris respond to this country gem’s authenticity and rich storytelling? Will “Lost” or “If I Could Only Fly” claim the victory? Tune in to find out and join the conversation as we explore the magic of music in this unique and time-sensitive Song Swap Showdown bonus episode!


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