I Hate Everyone Today Songs

🎶Stay Clear of Me” Vibes on Song Swap Showdown! 🎶 We all have those days where we wake up and just think, “Today is NOT the day to deal with people.” If you’ve ever muttered under your breath, “I HATE everyone today,” then this episode is for you! Dive into the mood with us as we swap songs that perfectly capture that “stay clear of me” sentiment. 🚫🎧

Amanda’s Playlist for Chris: –

  • “You’re Dead to Me” by Dierks Bentley 28:13
  • “I Hate Everyone” by Get Set Go 47:50
  • “Somethings Gotta Give” by Christian Kane 1:07:03

Chris’s Playlist for Amanda: –

  • “U Stink but I Love You” by Mucky Pup – 14:10
  • “I Hate Everything About You” by Ugly Kid Joe 36:01
  • “I Hate” by Overkill 54:45

Whether it’s a rough morning, a tough day at work, or just one of those days, we’ve got the soundtrack for you. And hey, we won’t judge – we’ve all been there! 🎤😤

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