The Ultimate Cover Song Showdown

Join Chris and Amanda as they face off in the ultimate cover song showdown! In this episode of the Song Swap Showdown, Amanda and Chris each select three iconic cover songs to battle it out.

Amanda brings her powerful renditions of Pearl Jam’s “Last Kiss,” Lauren Daigle’s soulful take on “Don’t Dream It’s Over,” and Carrie Underwood’s country twist on “I Told You So.”

Chris counters with his high-energy performances of A Day to Remember’s “Since You’ve Been Gone,” Save Ferris’ ska-infused version of “Come on Eileen,” and Anthrax’s heavy metal interpretation of “Keep on Running.”

Who will come out on top in this epic cover song face-off? Which version of these songs will score the coveted 5 record rating or meet its demise with the dreaded 1 record rating?

Tune in to find out!

  • Pearl Jam “Last Kiss”
  • Lauren Daigle “Don’t Dream It’s Over”
  • Carrie Underwood “I Told You So”
  • A Day to Remember “Since You’ve Been Gone”
  • Save Ferris “Come on Eileen”
  • Anthrax “Keep on Running”

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