TV Theme Showdown

📺 TV Theme Showdown on Song Swap Showdown! 🎶 Get ready for a nostalgic ride through some of the most iconic TV theme songs ever! This week on Song Swap Showdown, Chris and Amanda are turning the dial to those catchy tunes that defined our favorite shows.

From the stylish beats of “Mad Men” to the heartwarming melodies of “Little House on the Prairie,” and the quirky vibes of “Roseanne,” Amanda’s picks are set to stir up some classic TV memories for Chris. But Chris is ready to counter with his own set of unforgettable themes.

Will Amanda be ready to Wigwam’s “Do You wanna Taste It” from Peacemaker, groove to “That 70s Show Theme,” or solve mysteries with the “Theme from Magnum PI”?

Each theme will be rated on a scale from one record (a dumpster fire) to five records (heavenly music to our ears).

Intro: 0:00 Peacemaker 10:03 Mad Men 21:05 That 70’s Show 29:39 Little House on the Prarie 39:21 Magnum, PI 48:06 Roseanne 58:52 Wheel of Song Themes 1:10:17

🌟 Don’t Just Watch, Participate! Join us as we rate these memorable themes and share your own favorite TV theme songs in the comments. Which ones do you hum along to?

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